Technology & Innovation


At IMICO, we strive to be among the world’s most innovative organizations. Innovation is the driving force in everything we do. For us, passionate innovation is a journey in the continuous transformation of ideas to real-world solutions. IMICO T&I’s ambition is to be one of the main contributors to IMICO’s business growth. Therefore, we work closely with our strategic business units to help them improve their manufacturing processes and develop new technologies. These innovations strengthen our technical know-how and give us a vital competitive edge, allowing our customers to improve the quality and sustainability of their products.


IMICO is moving forward without compromising on the quality of its products and to do so it has acquired the latest machinery that is available in the market. The cutting-edge technology that is being used at the IMICO production facility not only keeps the costs low by reducing the wastage and on the other hand giving out a higher production but simultaneously takes care of the environment by consuming much less electricity. IMICO relies on research and innovation as fundamental to achieving sustainable growth and development and supporting the company's competitiveness.



We are always on the look out to benefit our customers through technology. Therefore, our Research & Development Department is constantly in close touch with our mold manufacturers in Luxembourg for any new breakthroughs in the mold technology where we can send the benefit right down to our customers by reducing their costs.